The Seasonal Supper

Last weekend, the Kiwi and I hit up the Mother Earth News Fair. It was incredible and worthy of a post of it’s own, but one thing I heard there really struck me. Joel Salatin, of Food, Inc. and The Omnivore’s Dilemma fame, talked about today’s norms, the orthodoxies of our age. He also mentioned that most of us there were, well, heretics, because we went against those norms and that was for the better because they were kind of mind-blowing. One of those orthodoxies in particular though especially burnt my britches.

49% of meals are prepared outside of the home. That’s almost half of our meals being made by other “people”.

If you read our post about our food philosophy then you know why that doesn’t sit very well with me. Usually the other “people” that are making that food are corporations that care more about their bottom line than your nutrition. We also tend to indulge in not-so-healthy treats more often when other “people” are making it for us. When people take a moment to prepare their supper, to sit down at a table and eat, it leads to healthier relationships with food and in turn healthier people. And thats the goal isn’t it? To be healthy?

He followed it up with this—70% of folks don’t know what’s for supper at 4pm. I’m definitely not saying there is something wrong with that. I’ll be the first to admit that is absolutely true for us more often then I’d like to admit. However, I am saying that you’re much more likely to grab fast food, order take-out, or resort to convince foods like TV dinners and frozen pizzas if you don’t have a plan.

Our goal, our mission, is to get people cooking for themselves and having fun with it. Whether you’re cooking just for yourself, for you and your significant other, or for you, your significant other, and your persnickety little people that think vegetables are weird trees, we want dinner time to be a respite, not just another chore. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut eating the same thing over and over again until you never want to see another baked potato ever again! Eating the exact same thing week after week just isn’t exciting, but we also know that meal planning isn’t easy. It takes planning, time, and lots of mental muscle to do this on a daily basis, so let us take care of that for you. That is why we are introducing…

seasonal-supper-logoEach season {every three months} we will send our members 4 weeks of flexible week night dinner line ups and their corresponding grocery lists. These meals will be balanced, healthy, and definitely in line with our food philosophy, so you’ll only find whole foods on our ingredients lists. You will also receive 20+ healthy recipes, some of which have not made their way to the blog yet, to help you prepare those meal as well as loads of juicy info on seasonal produce and tips on ways to simplify week night cooking. Almost all of our meals take less than an hour and most only require 30-40 minutes of actual hands-on time. We want this to WORK for you, so we are also including meal planning resources like blank meal plans, blank grocery lists, and monthly calendars to pop up on the fridge and keep you organized.

And of course, they’ll be cute. Even the most mundane things can be so much more fun when you have cute paper products on which to organize you life. Don’t you think?!

Here is what you’ll get each season’s collection:

  • 20+ healthy, whole-food recipes that serve 2 people
  • 4 week night line ups + 4 corresponding grocery lists
  • a blank weekly meal plan
  • a blank grocery list
  • 3 monthly calendars
  • plus other surprise seasonal goodies

The whole collection will be emailed to you as PDF files. From there you can download them and print out as many copies as you need. All files are formatted to print easily on normal computer paper and have helpful crop marks on pages that need to be trimmed. Use the meal planning tools to mix and match your four weeks of recipes so that you have an ever-changing dinner schedule that keeps your eater’s tastebuds on their toes and you having fun in the kitchen!

Ready to join?! Members pay $19.99 per season. That’s JUST $7 per month for us to do all your meal planning for you! If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still buy individual seasons for $24.99 per season. We will be rolling out our first complete Seasonal Supper collections on June 1st for the summer and winter seasons depending on your hemisphere. Subsequent seasons will be released September 1st {Fall/Spring}, December 1st {Winter/Summer}, etc.

If you are interested, and if you made it to the end of this blog post I’m pretty sure you are, click the join now button down there to get your name on the list. You’ll fill out a little form that will send me your contact information {no worries, your info is safe with us} and I’ll be sure to get in touch with you when the collection is ready!


You’re pumped about this, right?! I won’t keep you waiting then. Our first complete season won’t be available until June 1st, but I have a little treat for you guys.

Today, you’re getting a sneak peak—one week of spring suppers! In addition to the line up and the grocery list, we are giving y’all five recipes for wonderfully seasonal week night meals and two bonus recipes that tie in with those meals. We are also giving you a blank weekly meal plan, grocery list, and calendar for the month of May. I really hope y’all have just as much fun using them as I had designing them! To access them you can either click the image below {or here} or visit our freebies page.