Welcome to Kiwi + Peach!!

Our goal here on the blog is to document and share our delicious and usually pretty healthy
family staples, our go-to recipes. It’s also a record of the new things we learn everyday
about food, decorating our home, and living sustainable lives.

A couple of years ago, we started making a concerted effort to rely less on processed,
convenience foods. We saw real benefits of eating whole foods seasonally and that motivated me
to really change the way we ate for good. You can read all about our ever-evolving food philosophy here.

Here we share our lives. We share stories of our travels and food guides to our favorite
cities. We share what we’re jamming out to in the kitchen. We share laughs. We share
thoughts. And, hopefully, we always share passion.

We sure hope you’ll stick around. We’d love to get to know you!

The Contributors:


I’m Lauren, the Georgia peach. A high school Family and Consumer Science teacher by day, non-profit ninja by afternoon.

I love the outdoors, crafting, squirrels, lace, recycling, American football {go dawgs}, baking,
folksy music with great lyrics, books, chalkboards, learning, twine, maps,
anthropologie {the store}, coffee, coconut, hand-lettering, and the Kiwi. I hate carrots.


I’m Zane, the Kiwi and your official taste-tester. It’s a hard life being a taste-tester, but I do
it all for you, dear reader.

Like most Kiwis I know, I don’t actually live in New Zealand. For the past few years I’ve been taking
advantage of the opportunity to live in other parts of the world, as well as to travel as much as I can.
Very early on I learned that one of my favourite ways to experience different cultures
is through food. Perhaps that’s because I was living in the southeastern U.S.
{home of such delicacies as shrimp and grits, biscuits, pecan pie, fried chicken and red beans} at the time.

Aside from eating and travelling and–of course–my Georgia peach, I love photography, the outdoors on a sunny day,
cricket, art, llamas and the Metric system. I hate winter.