{JAM} Mumford and Sons: I Will Wait

Well hello there Monday. I hope you all have fabulous weekends. We spent ours cooking, hanging out with some wonderful friends that are about to leave Munich {sob}, hitting up the huge summer festival that just happens to be right around the corner, and preparing the house for the arrival of some very special guests… my parents!

I’m so excited for both them to be here at the same time! I haven’t seen my Daddy since he was here is September and he hasn’t seen our new apartment yet. {We moved the week after he left.} And maybe, if we ask really nicely, he will share his bread recipe with y’all. While there is no lack of tasty, tasty bread here in Deutschland, the selection in the States can be lacking, so a couple of years ago my dad started making his own honey whole wheat bread. Oh my stars, y’all. It’s good.

In the meantime though here’s a great jam to get your week rolling.