The Green

I’m going to fill y’all in on an embarrassing little secret. Up until about 2009, I ate everything in layers. By everything, I mean everything. Sandwiches obviously, but burritos and pizza too. My family has no idea where this little neurosis came from, but from the time I could feed myself that is how I ate. I’m sure it has something to do with them trying to trick me into eating carrots, but ever since I can remember I ate things ingredient by ingredient so that I knew exactly what I was putting in my mouth. {Hi. My name is Lauren, and I am a bit of a control freak.} Thankfully, I got that under control, and I can now can enjoy and appreciate all of these exciting ‘new’ flavor combinations with minimal angst.

That said… I am a big fan of open faced sandwiches. Why? Well first of all, you can fit twice as much yummy sandwich goodies on there so they are more filling. Secondly, much to no one’s dismay, I like it because I can see what all is happening on the bread, so I enjoy it angst free without fear of carrots. Needless to say, I make these a good bit. They are perfect for weekend lunches, but if you want to make it a meal, throw some roasted veggies on the side or whip up a salad.

I’m curious. Did you have any weird eating habits as a kid? The Kiwi swears he didn’t, but I question his recall.

Kiwi+Peach: The Green

The Green

4 slices of bread
1/4 cup pesto
4 large basil leaves {or spinach}
1/2 of an avocado
1/4 cup parmesan cheese

Spread the pesto on each slice of bread and top with the basil leaves and avocado slices.  Grate the parmesan cheese and sprinkle a healthy bit on each slice.  Pop it in the oven on broil for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the leaves have wilted a bit.

Spicy Baked BBQ Hot Wings

The Kiwi and I are big fans of the spicy stuff. We like that added kick of flavor, and the fact that it gives us an excuse to pair whatever we are eating with cheese {you know, for the casein}. We aren’t that crazy though. This one time, in the States, we went to this wing joint where you had to sign a release form to order their hottest level of spicyness. Insane! There is a point where things stop being flavorful and become straight up painful. {I’m looking at you Mr. Habenero.} This sauce is the perfect mixture of flavorful spicyness  and savory sweet–the way that BBQ sauce should be. {Sorry Carolina style fans.}

Seeing everyone on Facebook getting their football tickets for next season {sob} reminded me of the first time I made these. We were ‘tailgating’ in our living room for the first UGA game of the season. We started in on the wings and naturally, once we had the sauce all over our hands and faces, the video feed freezes and continues to do so every couple of minutes through out the game. {face, palm} Moral of the story? Don’t eat these wings when you’re going to have to tinker with fancy electronics.

82 days people. Go Dawgs!

Spicy Baked BBQ Hot Wings

The BBQ Sauce {makes 1 cup of sauce}
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup worcestershire sauce
1 tsp paprika
2 Tbsp hot sauce

The Bird
10 pieces bone in chicken wings

Preheat your oven to 400.

Combine everything in a large sauce pan and bring it to a boil stirring constantly. Once the mixture starts getting darker {from the sugars caramelizing}, turn the heat off and keep stirring. Let it cool and then taste test it. Add more of any of the ingredients you think it needs. If it’s too spicy, add more ketchup.

Line up your wings on a lined baking sheet and brush the sauce on the top of each wing. Flip it over and do the same thing on the other side.

Put it in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Get the pan out, brush the tops with more sauce, flip, brush the other side with more sauce, and put it back in. Repeat until they have cooked for a total of 30 minutes.

While the wings are cooking, whip up a blue cheese dipping sauce because you’ll want something to cut the heat {or at least I do}. I usually pair the wings with a green veggie side like steamed broccoli or green beans, so I feel better about the fact I’m eating wings. But sometimes we have it with fries too.

Fried Egg BLT

Today was mad crazy for me. Most days I really look forward to cooking dinner. My evenings in the kitchen are my me time, and I love that I get to create something everyday. But we all have off days. Today was one of those days. I needed something quick and easy that required minimal brainpower because it’s Friday and I’m running on severe sleep deprivation. Today’s recipe is the perfect dinner for a busy day, and, bonus, you probably already have all of the ingredients in your fridge.

Fried Egg BLT

The Goods
4 slices of bacon
2 eggs
1 tomato, sliced
2 lettuce leaves
2 buns

The Dijonniase
2 Tbsp mayo
1 tsp whole grain sweet mustard
1 tsp whole grain spicy mustard
pinch of salt and pepper

Fry the bacon on medium heat. If you can get maple or peppercorn bacon, do it! It’s super tasty. Since the only bacon we can get here in Munich seems to be the basic stuff {or in large chunk form}, I always add a couple of grinds of pepper and a bit of maple syrup to the pan when I’m cooking the bacon, but I’ll leave that to your discretion.

While the bacon is cooking, prep for the rest of the sandwich. Slice your tomato, grab your leaves of lettuce, slice the bread, and make your dijonnaise.

We don’t use dijonnaise very often, so there really is no point in taking up valuable space in our tiny fridge with a jar of it—especially since it is just a combo of mayo and mustard, which we are going to have in the fridge anyway. You can whip this up in a fraction of a minute. Promise. Just mix it all together.

When the bacon is done, set it to the side and get to frying your eggs. The bacon grease should be enough for your eggs not to stick, but if you want to add a bit of olive oil to be on the safe side go for it. Crack your eggs into the pan and let them cook until the bottom is pretty solid. Carefully flip them over. The goal is to not break the yolk. Depending on how you like your yolk {runny, completely done, etc.} cook them for a bit more. I like mine runny so I usually only do about 30-45 seconds on that side.

When your eggs are done, its time to build your sandwich. Spread the dijonaise on both sides of the bun and layer up your goodies. On days like this I serve it with salt and vinegar potato chips {my weakness} and tell myself we have enough veggies on the sandwich. If you’re feeling ambitious, whip up some sweet potato fries or green beans.