Friday Food News

Sweet friends! We’ve made it through the week! How are you celebrating?

We are taking advantage of the long weekend and heading up to DC to spend time with some friends from Munich. One of those friends has joined the Peace Corps and is leaving in couple weeks to go to Azerbaijan for two years. Have I mentioned that she rocks? We are so grateful for the opportunity to see her before she heads off.

If you’re taking it easy this weekend and in the mood for reading, here are some things I’ve seen around the web lately. Have a good weekend!

Food News from Kiwi and PeachDooley ‘helping’ me shoot the Sweet Potato Bisque.

You might want to grab a cup a tea and take some time with this one. A critique of Perlmutter’s Grain Brain hypothesis:
“When a person advocates radical change on the order of eliminating one of the three macronutrient groups from our diets, the burden of proof should be enormous.” {james hamblin for the atlantic}

Have you been to an Aldi? A funny read about the German grocery experience. Now, if only they imported the beer too. {slate}

Our goal for the new year is to incorporate fish into our weekly meal plans, but I’m a fish novice. These killer recipes look doable and delicious. {the kitchn}

Michael Pollan and some other good folks are doing a fascinating lecture series. You can watch the lectures online, but you do have to reserve a spot. {edible schoolyard}

The Kiwi deems the microwave a must, so it’s interesting to see how this family is making do without. {the kitchn}

I’m on the hunt for a functional and affordable kitchen cart. I’m loving what Kristen did with this plain-Jane Ikea cart. {the hunted interior}

Now that I can get my hands on some kale, I can’t wait to try this recipe. I also second her feelings on the kale fad. It’s a dark leafy green. It’s incredibly good for you. There are worse fads. {a house in the hills}

Great advice for what to look for in a recipe to know if it’s a good one—because no one has time for duds. {dinner a love story}

Lemon bars are my favorite. {joy the baker}

This lettering. That hunker down banner. I die. {mary kate mcdevitt}

Speaking of lettering…have you checked out our new PRINT page yet? We now have free printables of some of my hand lettered art prints! There is nothing like instant art to freshen up your home, am I right? So head over and start downloading. {If you do, shoot me a tweet or instagram of what you did with it. I’d love to see it in action!}

2 thoughts on “Friday Food News

  1. I love all these links… the one about Aldi is so funny. I had no idea that Trader Joe was the “other half” of it. But seriously, grocery shopping here is the most stressful thing… When I get to the checkout I just feel so flustered, flinging things back into the trolley! Ugh.
    And the microwave thing is pretty cool too… after 9 months of no microwave and surviving, we bought one, and now I’ve forgotten what I can do with it.

  2. Wonderful reads. The Grain Brain is such a good example of why we are so nutritionally confused in the US. Who CAN you believe??
    Can’t wait to watch the ESY videos from the class – finally a chance to fully understand what is going on – and get involved in the solution. Thanks so much for sharing all this great information.

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