{JAM} Jack Johnson: I Got You

Happy Monday my friends! How was your weekend? We spent ours enjoying the last of Oktoberfest, spending time with great friends, and…


Have I mentioned we are going to Africa today? Probably not since plans weren’t finalized until, um, last week {oops}, but the Kiwi and I are heading off on another grand adventure.  Today we’re making our way to Marrakech, and tomorrow we will be riding camels and camping in the Sahara. Life ain’t bad.

We’ll be in Morocco for a week and then flying to Paris where we’ve rented an apartment and will be hanging out for a while exploring the Puces, seeing the sights we’ve missed on previous trips, catching a concert, and of course, eating as much bread, cheese, and French food we can get our hands on.

Let the adventure begin!

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