Friday Links

It’s Friday friends, and it’s a red-letter day in the Kiwi and Peach household.

This one time, I moved to Germany and was so scared to get my hair cut that I just let it grow and grow and grow until I found myself waking up in the middle of the night tangled in my own hair. Seriously, I’d have dreams about people pulling my hair and would wake up to find that I was just stuck.

So I chopped all my hair off. In a burst of courage {assisted by some wine}, I made an appointment with a Kiwi who owns a salon here in Munich and he made the chop. 13 inches folks– I feel so free!

Kiwi+Peach: Friday Links

My project for the weekend.

Along with trying out some of these short hair styles.

What’s that about a canoe and American beer tasting like water?

Really want to give this recipe a shot.

…and this one too.

Wonderful advice for 20 somethings.

This cracked me up.

Words we could use in the English language. {My fave? Backpfeifengesicht}

Striving for this.

Ready to get your nerd on? {Bonus points.}

Here’s to this kid for trying to start a conversation about school lunch.

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