Friday Links

Hey there friends! What are you doing this weekend?

The Kiwi and I are off to meet my folks in the Black Forest. We’ll be exploring, hiking, and seeing some pretty spectacular sights. Oh, and did I mention we are staying in a freaking castle?!

If you’re in a reading mood this weekend, here are some fabulous links to keep ya busy. Have a great weekend!

Kiwi+Peach: Friday Links {Pöllat Waterfall at Neuschwanstein}

Tips for making your cut flowers last longer.

Well played J.K. Rowling. Well played.

Simple tip for flavorful grains.

Is ‘real food’ a fad?

This is spot on.

Can’t wait to try this bourbon peach sorbet.

Whoa, genetics.

36 days ’til kickoff.

Beautiful reminder.

It’s amazing what you can recycle!

Gorgeous botanical prints. Fo’ free!

4 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Oooh is that the waterfall at Neuschwanstein? Have a great time in the Black Forest! Have loved discovering all these fellow “Bavarian Bloggers” through We Took the Road Less Travelled today! 🙂

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