Once Upon a Time

…a Georgia peach {me} moved to Europe for a bit of adventure and met an incredibly handsome guy from New Zealand {the Kiwi}.  We bonded over our love of food, travel, art and music, and we decided we’d know each other for a long time.

Meg's WeddingPhoto Credit: Brian Dean Photography

Cooking together has always been a part of our relationship.  We like talking about food.  We like eating it too.  For me, it is a creative outlet that allows me to draw on my food science and nutrition background to produce meals for the two of us that are healthy as well as delicious.

After cooking for two for a while, I came to realize that there was a need in the recipe market.  Most recipes out there are written for the traditional nuclear family, but what about the rest of us?  Those of us that are just a family of two.  Those of us that are single and don’t want to be eating the same thing all week.  {Which is totally what I did when I was single, but I can’t say that I was happy with it.}  While some recipes are relatively simple to cut in half or quarter, this takes time {and math} and can take a bit of experimentation when it doesn’t divide up nicely.  I thought I’d start writing down the results of reducing some of our favorite recipes that were originally written for families of 4 or 6 and adapting them to our personal food philosophy.

…and that, my friends, is how the idea for Kiwi+Peach was born.

After long months of conceptualising and planning, we are so excited that Kiwi+Peach is finally ready for you to devour.  There will be recipes and stories, but there will also be talk of meal planning and restaurant recommendations from our travels.

Consider it a tool.  Consider it the documentation of one couple’s family dinner.  Consider it a bunch of rambling, but hopefully you will find it helpful, insightful, and entertaining–and of course we hope you find that the food is good, really good.

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