Friday Links

Happy Friday folks! What mischief are you getting into this weekend?

The Kiwi and I will be dividing up our baby tomato plants. We had no idea so many would actually live! We were a little late in getting them planted {since the weather had been so crap}, but I think we are getting the hang of this urban gardening stuff.

We will also be doing some last minute preparation for our 2 week Tour of Italy. {We leave in a week!} I am on the hunt for a hat {and maybe a few other treats} this weekend.  I’m not a hat wearer per se, but I think that I might need one to keep that hot Italian sun off my face.

Have a great weekend friends!

A great reflection about being present.

So many hat options. {No. 6 is my favorite!}

Travel snacks.

A hilarious BuzzFeed about Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.

Hipster hotels.

Peace of mind about that Chunky Monkey you’re eating.

5 ways to use almond meal

packing tip I’m thinking I’ll try for our Tour of Italy.

A lovely photography campaign.

Why bees are important.

A great travel prep tip.

And in case you’ve missed it… the Finnish baby box.

Friday Links

Its Friday folks!  What do you have up your sleeve for the weekend?

The Kiwi and I will be knocking some projects off our inside to-do list for the apartment since the weather is back to being miserable.  On Sunday, we are hitting up our favorite {and very traditional} brunch place for Weisswurst Frühstück {white sausages, pretzels, and wheat beer} and some great company.  The Kiwi is currently lobbying for wearing his lederhosen.

Have a great weekend!

Kiwi+Peach: Friday Linksphoto credit: The Kiwi
{rosemary from our new herb garden}

A great way to start your day.

My project for the weekend.

Tips for getting a good nights sleep.

How much would you pay for a melon?

Everything you ever needed to know about herb gardening.

…and a clever use for those extra herbs.

A funny infographic.

Handy guide for mixing fabric patterns.

Thought provoking article about greek yogurt.

Cute way to store keepsakes from your travels.

and in case you’ve missed it, a lovely {and hilarious} video of kids trying new foods.